Art, Beauty & Bling

Welcome to my blog and my serendipitous journey! Initially I started a blog because I felt the urge to rekindle my love for writing. I started out writing my thoughts, sharing recipes and life experiences. Over the past few months, this space has suddenly become the hub of my adventures.

The Art

In my youth art was a way for me to escape and pass the time. As the years passed I realized that without some sort of daily creative outlet I become very cranky, very quickly. It’s like an artist’s version of hangry. In short, I will always be making things, drawing things and exploring new creative outlets, and I believe in sharing what I know and passing on the joy and fun of creating.

The Bling

My handmade business, BohoJouel, is an outlet for me to sell my handmade treasures and trinkets and therefor make space in my home to create more lovely things. Recently I aligned with Jewelry by Sara Blaine to sell high end jewelry alongside my own resin and clay jewelry pieces. I fell in love with Sara’s style and the unique multicultural influences that her jewelry has. The fact that she is building her company up as Fair Trade and 100% green is so important to my own values. Beyond the bling and the sales, the women that I work with in this company are so supportive, encouraging and warm hearted. We are a small community of women, but with huge hearts and goals!

The Beauty

To keep things short and sweet in this paragraph, let’s just say I was not the cutest kid on the block. At least, that’s what I was told over and over again until it grew into a monstrous belief that I carried with me throughout my life. Now in my forties I have finally learned to see beyond the hurtful words of others to find the love for myself that was always hiding in the shadows. Initially I earned my cosmetology degree because I thought it would be a creative way to earn a living. I learned all about skin care, makeup, nails and hair and realized that beauty could be fun! Taking care of your outer appearance doesn’t need to mean conformity or changing yourself to fit someone else’s “ideal”; it can be about self expression and putting your best face forward, whatever that looks like to YOU! Now with my Younique business, my goal is to help women and girls embrace their own beauty and have fun with it, rather than to cover it up or hide something based on the opinions of others. Uplift, Empower, Validate is Younique’s motto and at this point in my life, exactly what I want to offer other women who have struggled to feel amazing about themselves.

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