How to Sew an Infinity Scarf

I love how easy infinity scarves are to wear; simply let them hang in a long loop, or double up for warmth or a different style. They have been all the rage for quite some time, but I find that customers never tire of this accessory go to.

When I first searched on how to make an infinity scarf, I found a lot of different techniques, many of which I think were much too complicated. This is how I make my scarves and I have found it to be consistent and easy.

As far as fabric choice, it’s really up to you. I use a lot of satin or soft cotton because I like how it flows and bunches when it’s worn. Fleece is a cozy option as well as minky, which is so soft and cuddly it should be illegal 😉 If you’re a beginner in sewing, you may want to start with a cotton or fleece; something a little more firm and less likely to have a mind of it’s own. You will need at least 2 yards of fabric to get the full length for the scarf. So go get some fabric you love and let’s get to it!

So once you have your fabric, make sure it’s clean and pressed before you get started. Wash and iron according to directions for which ever fabric type you have chosen. (This is an important step in all sewing projects, to account for possible shrinkage and accurate measurements when cutting.)

Cut a large strip that is 12.5″ x 60″

Fold your fabric in half lengthwise with the pretty side/right side facing in. Pin along the open edge with your straight pins lining up horizontally with the edge of the fabric. Once I get toward the top part of the fabric, I place two pins about a hands width apart vertically to the edge, so that I don’t forget to leave an open space.

Sew a simple stitch with a 1/2″ seam allowance along the edge until you reach the first vertical pin. Make sure to back stitch at the start of your seam.

Once you’ve reached the first pin, back stitch a few stitches, then raise your needle and foot and slide your fabric back and line your foot up with the second vertical pin. Remove the pin, back stitch for security and then straight stitch down the remaining length of your fabric. This is going to leave a space for you to pull the fabric through in the next steps.

Next you’ll cut away the thread at the space you left earlier. Slide your hand through the whole length of the tube you now have and pull the fabric right side out. Smooth it out, fold it in half with the seams facing you, and lay it on the table.

Now don’t overthink this next part, because it doesn’t have to happen super perfect. Find the space you kept open and with the fabric remaining on the table, reach back up toward the open end of the tube. Grab the two inner pieces of fabric (sides touching) and pull them through the opening.

Smooth out the “inside out” part of your fabric and line up the seams. Put a pin vertically along the seam edge to help keep it in place while you’re sewing it closed. Straight stitch completely around the opening, remembering to back stitch at the start and finish. Now you can pull this back through the initial “hand space” opening. Close up this opening using an invisible/ladder stitch and you’re all done!

Thanks for stopping by, and if you use these instructions to make your own scarves, please share a pic or comment below! 🙂

The fabric that I’m using is a fabric that I designed from one of my original mixed media pieces. To purchase this fabric for your own projects, please visit: http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/bohojouel


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