7 days of Love Stories: the plan

As a single mom once again approaching the sugary, bright red, heart filled holiday of Valentines day, I feel a slight twinge. Not exactly a cramp or indigestion, but a twinge. Even in all of the committed relationships I’ve been in, I don’t remember a really spectacular Valentine’s Day. In retrospect, probably one tiny reason why none of those lasted. I believe in being single gracefully on this couple’s focused holiday, which for me involves a bottle of pinot, a bag of cheeze curls and a good murder mystery. I know, I know, I’m a few cats shy of being that lady, but wallowing in self-pity and a Hollywood love story just isn’t for me. Believe it or not, meeting your soul mate is not as whimsical as they make it look in the movies.

I have never been a romcom kinda gal. The only time I’ve ever watched love story type of movies is with my mom. It’s her thing, so being a tolerant and (usually)polite daughter I let her pick the movie if we happen to watch one together. She gets excited and always says, “Oh this one’s so cute.” And I wince on the inside, watch, and at the end say “yeah that was cute.” Meanwhile I spent 90 minutes drinking my wine faster than usual. But I think back on a survey in the back of a Sassy magazine I took way back in high school days, that basically said anyone who dislikes the mushy stuff that much is a closet romantic. Ever since this memory popped into my head, I’ve been contemplating that.

So since I’ve already packed up 22 class valentines with included lollipops, and bought an adorable little pug that states “Luvpug” for my much loved daughter (the cute part being that I call her lovebug), there’s not much left for me to do but wait for the 14th to come and go yet again. But I’m a take action kind of woman, and I believe in focusing on the positive. I also believe that you attract what you focus on the most. So my theory is that rather than be gracefully single this year, I can watch some lovey dovey movies and attract some of that into my world for next Valentine’s Day. Maybe I’ll surprise myself and discover I really have been a closet romantic all these years. For the next 7 days, I’m going to watch a romance movie each evening and share my journey into the RomCom world. I figure it can’t hurt, and if anything, it might prevent me from going out and adopting ten cats.

Tonight I will search the titles on Netflix and see what I happen on. I’ll let you know the results tomorrow. Meanwhile, much love to everyone out there, couples and singles alike. Celebrate everyone you love next Tuesday, or better yet every day,including your kids, family, friends and coworkers. ❤

Since I’m relatively new to this genre, if anyone has any favorites or suggested viewings, please do share and I’ll do my best to check them out. 😉


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