7 days of love stories:movie #1, Serendipity

As I mentioned yesterday in my post introducing the idea of exposing myself to more romance, I am new to the romance movie scene. Having no clue where to start, I thought I would start with the movie Serendipity, because, ya know, it’s in my tagline. Also it stars John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, so I thought it would probably turn out ok.

The premise of the movie is that the two main characters, Jon and Sara, just happen to meet in a fancy shmancy department store in New York shopping for the same pair of black gloves for their significant others. Of course they both reach for the last pair of gloves, and quickly become smitten with each other. They spend a few hours together and from what I gather basically fall in love.

But then there is the matter of those significant others to deal with isn’t there? So Sara decides to test whether they are truly meant to be together through a bunch of random trials to see how it works out. Without giving too much away, this is basically how the storyline continues. Fast forward a few years and they both have new significant others whom they are about to wed, but they can’t seem to get their magical evening together in New York out of their minds.

Again, I won’t give it all away if you want to see this movie for yourself, but for me, the testing of fate just sort of went on and on and on. I admit that I liked the idea of something cosmic happening to bring two people together, because that’s a fun story when you’re celebrating your 50th Anniversary, but for me the magic stopped about 2 cosmic happenings into it all.

Still, John Cusack is always adorable, and there were some funny moments throughout that kept me smiling. My biggest problem was getting past the poor significant others; knowing that ultimately they were doomed for heartbreak of one kind or another. All in all not a terrible first movie for my little experiment, I had a few laughs, but it definitely didn’t convert me into a full out “romantic” type. So the search continues…maybe tonight my closet romantic side will be set free! 😉


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