7 days of love stories: movie #2, Big Stone Gap

For movie #2 on this little escapade to find my inner romantic, I chose the movie Big Stone Gap, starring Ashley Judd as the main character, Ave Maria. There are many other familiar faces in this movie as well, including Whoopie Goldberg, so I thought it  was a good shot.

This was a much more down to earth sort of story compared to Serendipity, and I appreciated that aspect of it. The setting is in Big Stone Gap,VA, a coal mining town in the year 1978. Ave has approached 40 and is still single and unwed, apparently an unthinkable thing at the time. Having lived in a small southern town, and approaching 40, I get it. Though she does seem lonely at times, she is active and has ideas of her own about what love is and what it would take for her to tie the knot, so she gained my respect. At one point she says that she sort of enjoys being the town spinster because it has “cachet”.

Throughout the story, Ave remains true to herself- her style, personality and hopes, which I liked. The story was believable as she worked through some family issues and a big secret from the past (not giving it away),  and I empathized with her.

I don’t want to reveal the ending of course, but I have to admit that I found this movie to be as close to real life as one could hope for; situations of proving love for someone that involve real life efforts and sacrifices, rather than traveling in time or slaying dragons. So I reluctantly admit that I did get a tiny little bit verklemmt during the final few scenes. Definitely a nice movie to watch to just unwind, and gain a little hope for finding love past 30. Still on the search for the movie that will make me reach for the tissues though. ❤

(Just a fun side note about the movie; Elizabeth Taylor actually did visit the town of Big Stone Gap, and really did choke on a chicken bone.) Fun facts! lol!


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