7 Days of Love Stories, Movie #5, Today’s Special

In my quest to seek out my inner romantic and invite her to let loose all of her glorious schmaltzery, I have really started to think that she really doesn’t exist. Then I started thinking that maybe I am approaching this whole thing wrong. So far I’ve watched movies where either the actors or the title sounded familiar, simply because I didn’t know where else to start. Last night I took a left turn at Albuquerque, and was pleasantly surprised.

Scanning through the Netflix romance section I came across the movie, Today’s Special, a 2009 Indie film starring Aasif Mandvi as Samir, and Jess Weixler as Carrie, the two main characters who ultimately fall in love. What I really enjoyed about this movie is that the storyline is about so much more than boy meets girl etc., but that Samir is working through many personal issues such as the death of his brother, a strained relationship with his father, and struggling with his career as a chef.

A cab driver named Akbar (Naseeruddin Shah), is a man full of surprises and in an unusual turn of events becomes a mentor to Samir in the kitchen and in life. Though I really enjoyed so much about this movie, I realize that my mission during these 7 days is to focus on the love story aspect, so here it is. 😉

What I loved about the relationship between Samir and Carrie is that it progressed very naturally through the story. Initially there is a moment in the kitchen involving cilantro oil, where the viewer gets the hint of immediate attraction, but it’s all very natural. As the film progresses the relationship grows in a very joyful way that did bring out my inner girly girl. At one point the two are laughing and working together in a very connected sort of way that made me say, “that’s what I want”. Someone to enjoy everyday kind of stuff with and laugh with. So maybe my inner romantic does exist, but she’s just doesn’t go for all of the hanging off the front of  a giant ship stuff.


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