7 Days of Love Stories, movie #6, I Hate Valentine’s Day

No I haven’t become angry at love by this point in my journey, but with a title like this who could resist checking it out? Also the fact that the two leads are played by Nia Vardalos (Genevieve) and John Corbett (Greg), who I remember very well from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, got me curious.

So basically Genevieve has created this code for dating which involves only ever going out on 5 dates with a man and then calling it quits, because she loves the romance, but doesn’t want to stick around for any sort of attachment, which for her equals inevitable pain and heartbreak. She makes it very clear though, that there will be no sex, only fun, adventure, romance and a whole lotta fake smilin’. In fact she carries this very creepy frozen smile around with her through a huge part of the movie, until Greg kinda calls her out on maybe not being so genuine about her happy.

Genevieve agrees to 5 dates with Greg, which span over  several months, so the two get to know each other quite well, become close and you got it, fall deeply, madly in love. The road hits a giant pothole when there’s a discrepancy about whether they officially had 5 dates or only 4. Of course neither character wants to admit their deep feelings first, so things just get worse. But don’t worry, it is a romance movie, so of course there’s a happy ending.

The whole escapade spans from one Valentine’s Day to the next, which is why initially Genevieve is the happy little poster woman for Romance and love the first go around, and ready to cry in her beer with random sidewalk guy by the second Valentine’s Day.

There were some cute parts and a few funny moments, and ultimately Genevieve figures out her deep Freudian issues with love and relationships, but I found the characters a bit hard to believe. Maybe the fake happy went just a little too far and was a bit overplayed, or maybe the fact that an entire year revolved around these 4/5 dates. Greg did pull out all of his creativity at the end to woo his lady, but I can’t say that I felt any goosebumps or need for tissues. I also still don’t hate Valentine’s Day.  😉

As I wind down my romance movie countdown, I wish everyone out there lots of love tomorrow! 🙂 ❤



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