7Days of Love Stories- It’s a wrap

Happy February 14, 2017 to everyone out there ❤ I admit that this has never been one of my favorite holidays, as I hinted in the first post of this mini series, but I think I might learn to appreciate it anyway. I finished up my romance movie week with The Princess Bride, which I know is not so much a romcom in the typical sense, but it is hilarious, fun and classic. I admit that I cheated a little, because I have seen this movie a few times, but it has been many years since I last watched it. And by last night I really couldn’t joyfully attempt anything else cheesy or cliche, so I went with a cult favorite.

If you haven’t seen The Princess Bride, I’m just going to say that you should watch it. Especially if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day/Evening, because it’s just fun, and laughter is the best medicine, even if what ails you is a feeling of loneliness. I won’t go into the details of this one, because I really want to take a moment to sum up what I learned from this little journey.

The whole point of this experiment was to see if I had a mushy romantic side, and to maybe find a film that made me weep with heartfelt joy at that moment in a movie where the two strangers finally embrace and kiss, and the whole world stands still- cue the orchestra…In fact, I started thinking that because I tend to run from a love story like my britches are on fire, that maybe I’m in denial and actually want to be wooed and then wed in a giant Cindrella style ballgown. Well I think not so much.

Though I did enjoy a couple of the movies I watched, there were more moments of “what really?!” than there were of “Awwwe!”- cue the heart bubbles popping from my head. Overall, I discovered that yes, I do appreciate some romance, but that obviously, as with most things in life, not everyone is looking for the same thing. Some people really love all of the over the top efforts that are so classic romcom Hollywood, but for me, I think what would get me really weepy is something much more real, more genuine.

I do believe that we are surrounded by love as told in Love Actually, and if we open our eyes just a little wider, we’ll see it. I think that fate can bring people together as hinted in Serendiptiy, but we have to be paying attention, and then take the leap instead of playing doubting Thomas and testing it over and over again. Ultimately, I think love will win if we will let go of all the silly stuff like pride, jealousy and fear and open ourselves up to it. When it comes to couples and romance -true love if you will- it is not about the gifts and giant gestures so much as two people who can bring out the absolute light in each other. Even though I hear so many people talk about how much work relationships are, I sort of believe that if love is really there, and the foundation of the relationship is genuine, maybe it should actually be easy. If you like each other “just as you are” nothing much should really cause a lot drama. I guess if and when it happens, I’ll be more of an expert, but this is what I’ve gathered about myself from my 7 nights of movie magic. So perhaps now that I’ve admitted that I have a teensy tiny soft spot for romance, maybe next year I’ll be writing a blog about my own love story…To Be Continued 😉


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