Hopefully Skeptical about the It Works Body Wrap

I am at a place where trying to lose weight has become so frustrating that I really just want to give up. The problem is, that I’m not a give up kinda gal. When I found out that I was pregnant I really woke up to the idea that there are good things to put in your body and not so good things. I went label crazy, became aware of the health risks associated with certain sweeteners and additives, and avoided sugar like it was evil. What I had avoided doing for myself, I did for my unborn child, which was to start feeding my body healthfully and mindfully.

I maintained these good habits well after my daughter was born, initially because I was nursing, but the wonderful thing about a habit is that once it’s officially a habit, it sticks. So I found myself feeling better than ever before, and feeling confident that any excess weight covering my body would naturally begin to slip away and disappear to wherever it is that unwanted fat goes to die.

Unfortunately that’s not what happened. My daughter is now 6, and there is no excuse about losing the baby weight that I could possibly dream up. In reality I was trying to drop a pant size before I got pregnant. I started cutting calories everywhere I could think of and working out more. I read one article after another with tips about how many times a day to eat, how many calories to consume, foods to avoid and foods to eat like there’s going to be a shortage. Still nothing. The final straw was when I committed to using a calorie counting app that I thought would certainly be my saving grace. For three weeks I entered in every bite and sip I consumed. I was hungry all the time, tired and warding off headaches. I was disciplined about working out and was so sure I would drop the recommended 1-2 pounds a week. Ultimately after those three weeks, and some downs and ups on the scale, I gained 2 pounds. I donated my scale to Goodwill and waved the white flag of surrender.

I have spent a lot of time over the last few years working on my inside; the parts of myself that I felt were broken emotionally. I feel good about who I’ve grown into as a human being and started thinking that maybe I should continue to focus onlyΒ  on that area of myself and set aside vain thoughts of ever again fitting into a size 12. I decided that it would be very noble to be strictly “what’s on the inside” focused. Then we had an unusually warm February day here in North Carolina. It warmed to 75 degrees and caused me to have flashbacks to summers past, as well as giving me an unholy fear of t-shirt and swimsuit season. Big girls get hot in the summer, and there’s nothing worse than trying to cover up flabby arms and muffin top in hot humid weather while everyone else seems to be in airy breezy lovely little things, actually enjoying the heat and sun.

So I decided to give it one more good ol’ college try and attempt something different. I don’t have insurance, so going to a doctor is not an option. I did the whole “miracle” diet pill thing years ago when I suffered eating disorders, so I know that’s not the way to go either. I’m sure many of you reading this have seen “that crazy wrap thing” all over social media and maybe have even tried some of the It Works products. My experience with the products has been scattered, trying it once at a wrap party a few years ago, but not investing much into it, and again ordering a few random things last year, more or less to help out an old acquaintance. I did like what I tried, but never used anything consistently, thinking that if I saw results with sporadically using a few supplements, that I should be able to shed the pounds without spending any money. After that summer day in February though, It Works wraps and supplements started coming to the front of my thoughts a lot. So I researched and googled and you tubed and pinterested a lot, finally deciding to order a box of wraps and a container of Greens and see what would happen. After all, if it really works for all of those folks, it should work for me too, right?

When I first started writing this, my former baby belly was wrapped with one of the It Works wraps along with their fab wrap to hold it in place. My understanding is that the ingredients in the wrap are absorbed into the skin and continue to be absorbed into the fatty tissue below for 72 hours. After this time the skin that was wrapped is left more toned and firm. Before and after pics are recommended so that the user can be wowed by the results, so I did take pictures that morning before my workout, knowing the package would arrive that evening. When the wrap is applied there’s a tingle all around the area it covers, but nothing weird or uncomfortable. It actually feels a bit cool and refreshing, and I personally do like it when I can actually feel stuff working. The wrap stays on for 45 minutes and then whatever remaining lotion gets rubbed in. The only other directions are to keep soaps and lotions off the area to be wrapped, and to drink lots and lots of water. Then in 72 hours a small miracle should occur in reduction of flab. I started out hopeful but skeptical, and decided to be consistent this time.

When I initially started writing this, I was hesitant to publish it, because I was worried that I wouldn’t see a change, but would still be committed to sharing not so flattering before and after photos. So if there were no results the plan was to let those disappear into the place where embarrassing photos go to die, and I would forget the whole thing and come up with a plan B. That said, I am not one of those exciting cases where the results are immediately noticeable as soon as the wrap comes off in 45 min. But I remained hopeful and took a photo after my 72 hours were up and compared them. There actually was a change in the area that I wrapped! It definitely gave me hope, and motivation to keep at it this go around. Plus I have been feeling so much better thanks to the Greens (which I’ll discuss another time). Actually seeing results has remotivated me to keep up with my healthy lifestyle and not just throw in the towel and start on a self destructive cheeze curl binge in the evenings. I will definitely be posting my before and after photos if you want to check back in on this post around March 1st. By then I will have completed my box of 4 wraps and my final results will show. Meanwhile if you’re curious and want to see some amazing before and afters of other folks,(the research I did in the above paragraph) you can click on my pinterest link:Β  https://www.pinterest.com/sandrabelzwraps/ (pinterest link updated on 7/16/17)


While I was researching the ins and outs of the wraps and Greens before I finally bought them, I really fell in love with what I was hearing from other people about the health benefits of the entire It Works line of products. So after feeling so physically great this past week, I signed on as a distributor. I figured that I would be using this stuff anyway, and it’s a very risk free agreement, so I wanted to make items available to others in my life as well. So if you’re curious and want more details about the products or want to try the wrap for yourself, please visit my new website: http://healthynewlife.myitworks.com

The results are in:

I wrote this piece a couple of weeks ago and am so excited to share that I have been feeling really great since using the wraps and the Greens. I used my first wrap on Feb 17th and following the 72 hour rule, I used consecutive wraps for 2 weeks. As promised, here are my final before and after photos.



(framed photo is an update due to new company policies to keep things legitimate 7/16/17)



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