New You- Body Revitalizing Formula

I used this product a few months ago and loved it. I started taking it again this month and remembered very quickly why I loved it so much! This is great for building lean muscle mass and workout endurance, as well as helping with those restless nights. When I take New You I sleep better than I have in years! I also notice that my legs are not as sore after hard workouts, and I have a little more oompf during those workouts.
Here’s the general breakdown of what it does:

New You*

Stimulate your body’s natural HGH (human growth hormone) production to improve lean muscle mass, enhance your exercise endurance, and turn back the hands of time from the inside out with New You! Through natural polyphenols, New You also supports your muscles with improved blood supply and fights off the effects of free radicals.

Stimulates natural production and release of HGH0816171241a
Boosts lean muscle mass
Enhances exercise endurance
Helps improve sleep quality and memory
Fights the harmful effects of free radical

It’s suggested to take 1 tablet in the morning and 2 tablets before bedtime daily. New You contains Niacin, Calcium, Phosphorus, grape seed and apple fruit extracts, Tri-source Arganine and ginger root. I love that this offers natural ingredients to boost the body’s HGH production and does NOT actually contain HGH.
Since the body’s production of HGH begins to decline after the age of 30, most people will want to start using this supplement at that age.
If you’re like me and love tons of info about why stuff works, I have a you tube video that gets into the details of how the ingredients in New You work together for great results.
Ready to order?
More questions? Please ask!

*Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any diseases.
All It Works products are recommended only for adults 18 years old or older.
Before using any new product, whether nutritional supplement, topical cream or treatment, or any other item, you should always consult your physician to find out if it’s safe for you.


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