The Loyal Customer Program

When you decide to become an It Works customer, you have options. You can either purchase products at the retail cost, or become a loyal customer to receive a 40% discount on the entire product line with every purchase.

How It Works

Retail Customer

When you browse through the It Works website: or through a catalog, you’ll notice two different price points. The larger is the retail price and the smaller is the loyal customer pricing. For example, a pack of wraps is $99.00 retail, but $59.00 for loyal customers. If you only plan to purchase a product once, or maybe want to test the waters before committing to being a loyal, then retail might be a good option for you. You simply add the items to your cart, choose to pay full cost and that’s it. You can always come back to purchase retail, or become a loyal customer at any time.

Loyal Customer

When you choose the loyal customer option you have 2 choices. One, you can pay a $50.00 membership fee comparable to the fees you would pay at a Sam’s Club or Costco. There, customers pay a yearly fee in order to go into the stores and shop at wholesale pricing. The great thing about It Works is that you only pay that $50.00 once ever. So you get a lifetime discount for 50 bucks! After you pay your fee, your first order is immediately discounted.
Option two is where you really get the most for your money. You can become a loyal customer by agreeing to a 3 month autoship. For 3 months products are automatically shipped to you. This waives the $50.00 fee, and you can cancel the autoship option any time after your 3rd shipment has been sent. A few things I want to explain that people often wonder about with this option.
FB_IMG_1511723972767You can order any products you choose. There is no minimum or maximum order. You can place a $33 order one month and an $18 or $178 order the next month.
You can change the products in your autoship any time you want before they are processed to ship.
The fee is waived and your first order is already discounted.
After your 3rd order has shipped, you can cancel autoship so you won’t get anymore products automatically, but you can order again any time you want. At the discounted price!
If you are my customer you are not alone! You have complete control over your account, but I am here to help you navigate the site, offer product suggestions or cancel your autoshipment.


First I must say that taking steps to improve your health and well being can itself leave you with nice perks like better energy, weight loss, healthy skin and hair, feeling stronger etc. Our products are designed to naturally help you with your personal health goals. And I know that feeling strong and healthy has left me with the perk of more self confidence.FB_IMG_1511723877661
But, back to our program! When you become a loyal customer versus a retail customer, you also become eligible for our Perks Points System, where you could earn up to $150.00 in free product. That’s an actual shopping spree! FB_IMG_1511816668788
As a loyal customer you also automatically qualify for any special deals, seasonal discounts and BOGO’s that pop up throughout the year.
That’s it! It’s a great program and I hope you will contact me with your health goals so I can help you find products that will make it happen.
To watch a quick video about the loyal customer program click on the link:


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