It Works Contouring Body Wrap

The It Works Body Wrap is the company’s flagship product and is designed to tighten, tone and firm the area being wrapped. It’s a natural and botanically based one of a kind system that produces results in as little as 45 minutes!
I know it sounds too good to be true (I was once a skeptic too) but if you follow the simple guidelines, you will see amazing results. The wrap is great for reducing the appearance of varicose veins, stretch marks and cellulite. Even if you are in great condition and eat healthy, these are some issues that exercize and healthy lifestyle don’t fix.
The wrap ingredients hydrate and nourish the skin, so no, this is not a water loss wrap! In fact we encourage you to drink lots and lots of water to get the products moving through your system to do their job.

So how does it work

  1. Take a before photo! Our brains play tricks on us and won’t necessarily see a difference after the treatment. Pictures however, don’t lie.
  2. Make sure that the area you are applying the wrap to is clean, dry and has no oils or lotions on it. You want clean skin that will absorb the lotion without any barriers in the way.
  3. Remove the wrap from its pack and unfold the square to it’s full size.
    Place the wrap, lotion side on your skin and secure in place. You can use our awesome Fab Wrap($5), plastic wrap, or even a snug fitting shirt or yoga pants if you’re wrapping your belly.
  4. Leave the Wrap on for 45 min.
    While wearing your wrap, be sure to drink at least 1 bottle of water. You can move around and even run errands in your wrap, but make sure you’re NOT SWEATING. If you’re sweating, your body will be pushing the lotion away, rather than absorbing it.
  5. After 45 min, remove your wrap, rub in any remaining lotion and discard the wrap. (No guilt here; it’s biodegradable)
  6. Take an after photo and compare it to your before.
  7. Keep drinking plenty of water because the natural ingredients will continue doing their thing for 72 hours! Take another photo when the 72 hours are up.

Since we are all different, obviously results vary from one person to the next. 90% of people who try the wrap see a noticeable difference after the 1st 45 minutes. The other 10% (myself included here) see the difference after 72 hours. It all depends on your lifestyle and body chemistry.

One wrap is a treat, four wraps are a treatment and twelve wraps are a transformation! When ordering, the wraps will arrive in packs of 4, so that you get the most benefit from using them. Don’t wrap one area sooner than 72 hours apart, because remember, the 1st wrap is still working during that 3 day time span.

My personal wrap results from my first treatment are below.

You can use 1 full wrap to cover larger areas, or cut the wrap down the middle and applyFB_IMG_1505479108040 under your chin, on the backs of your arms, sections of legs or love handles.
One pack of 4 wraps retails for $99, and the loyal customer price is $59.
Still have questions? I am happy to help:
Ready to get wrapped?


*Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any diseases.
All It Works products are recommended only for adults 18 years old or older.
Before using any new product, whether nutritional supplement, topical cream or treatment, or any other item, you should always consult your physician to find out if it’s safe for you.

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