In the kitchen

Kitchen tip: Salvaging Fresh Herbs

So you find a great recipe that requires fresh herbs and dried just won’t do as a substitute. For example guacamole and salsa wouldn’t be the same with dried cilantro…eek. You go to the store and buy a big bundle of fresh greenery because you need, like, 2 tablespoons of it chopped.

If you’re like me, you hate throwing away the remainder of the bunch but what to do?

About 2 Thanksgivings ago I had a bundle of thyme that made it’s way to the bottom and back of my fridge. After a couple of days I noticed that it was drying out quite nicely. So I left it in hiding. After a few more days I was able to easily remove the dried leaves from the stem and store them for future use.

I have done the same thing with parsley, cilantro and bay leaves.

The key is to spread the herbs loosely on a plate and place them where they won’t be disturbed. Make sure that the leaves are completely dry. You don’t want any moisture in there. Then you can store them in an airtight container, plastic bag or jar.

For soups and sauces you can also loosely pack your fresh herbs in the freezer. Break off however much you need for the recipe and it’s as good as fresh!

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