In the kitchen

We Delve into Korean Recipes

My daughter started Tae Kwon Do in January and is really loving it. I can tell that the physical activity is at an intensity that is great for her energetic little self, and her strength and flexibility has improved a lot in a short time period. The masters also reinforce respect and disciplined behaviors, not only in the Dojang but also at home and in the classroom, which I embrace with much gratitude as a single parent.

With each new belt level come new challenges in learning Poomse (forms) and other skills as well as some Korean terminology, and my kiddo is embracing it completely. She has become curious about Korean culture and suggested that we start trying some Korean recipes at home. I love cooking and trying new things so of course I started a google search.

I wanted to find recipes that are as authentic as possible and there are two websites that we have used so far. We started with Bibimbap,


which I can only describe as a flavorful and nourishing bowl of comfort food. We skipped the egg on top because my daughter doesn’t do eggs in any form, unless they’re baked into a dessert. We were also missing the seaweed from the original recipe because we couldn’t find it. I have since discovered a Korean restaurant and grocery nearby, which I promised my little foodie we would check out soon. It was a hit and I have already made it a second time. I found the recipe at: https:/// and there are many other


dishes I am looking forward to trying from there.

The second recipe we tried and that was just as big a hit was a Bulgogi recipe by  Marinating the steak overnight with all of the sauce ingredients made it almost caramelize in the pan the next day. Last night we tried the Curry Chicken recipe from this site and it was delicious as well.

I think it’s wonderful that my daughter wants to learn more about another culture and I have to say I feel really fortunate to have a kid who likes food with a lot of flavor. The process has really made me realize how stuck I have become with my own cooking as well. It’s easy to get into a rut of preparing the same old meals day after day because of busy schedules and routines. After trying the tasty dishes above though, I am ready to try many more new recipes!



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