Friday Etsy Favorites, 9/14

This week we are finally getting a hint of Autumn here in North Carolina, and the blazing summer heat was alleviated a bit. The weather has been a bit cooler, grey and drizzly, which is one of my favorite kinds of weather. Yep, I’m the weirdo who doesn’t love crazy hot and humid days. Of course our grey weather is due in part to hurricane activity along the east coast, so I am sending a lot of prayers and love to everyone along the shorelines.

So the Etsy favorites that I was drawn to the most this week are a bit grey, dark, peaceful and lovely in my opinion.

wolf sculpture

I adore this little sculpture! This wolf seems so serene to me in a way and the details in the clay are simply lovely. He’s from the shop DemiurgusDreams and shop owner Evgeny Hontor creates really stunning fantasy sculptures.

grey chunky sweater

I am a chunky sweater and jeans kind of girl. When the weather gives even a hint of being colder, I am ready to jump into the fluffy coziness. I absolutely love the sleeves, texture and color in this sweater. It’s from the shop iLeAiYE and shop owner Cheryl Line creates really unique and wearable pieces.

cheshire cat teapot

I know this piece itself isn’t grey, but a nice cup of hot tea on a cloudy cool day is essential, no? I really enjoy the artistry in Ceramistudio and wanted to share one of their pieces. Sergii and Nata create beautiful painted ceramic tea sets full of color, and this was the closest I could find for what the theme held for me this week. We all start to go a little mad after too many drizzly days after all don’t we?


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