Etsy Favorites 2/3/19

I have become addicted to Etsy, not only in keeping consistent with checking in on my own shop daily and learning the ropes of being an Etsy seller, but with the wonderful and unique handmade items created by other makers around the world.

Since Valentine’s day is coming up in just a couple of weeks here, I thought I would search through a bit of the selection of handmade heart day gifts on Etsy. Just because I’m a single lady doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the romance. 😉

Here are three favorites from this morning’s search.

I lived in Colorado for several years and miss the mountains often. This ring set by the shop yhtanaff definitely gave me nostalgia and if I had a significant other, this would be a must have for me. I love the unique idea of this set and that it veers away from the traditional hearts and diamonds. If the mountains aren’t your thing, you’ll also find similar ring sets with bears, trees, cactus, sharks and more.

Since I am a single mom, I always try to find something cute for my little luvbug on Valentine’s day too. She has so many stuffed toys, and grows out of clothes so quickly, but (like her mom) she loves chocolate. I thought this personalized chocolate bar by the shop iLoveSweetTreatz is a super fun gift for kids. They also offer some fun galentines treats too!

So when you are single for a while- we won’t talk about how long exactly, you learn to treat yourself once in a while too. This little pink journal grabbed my attention right away. Focusing on self care more often is one of my goals for 2019, so how could I not fall in love with this set? From the shop TheHappiEmpire.

Happy Valentine’s day shopping and lots of love and blessings to you and yours! 💕


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