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January’s Book: This Messy Magnificent Life, A Field Guide by Geneen Roth

The first book of my 2019 personal reading challenge

As I was strolling through the library searching for my first personal development read of 2019, this gem was set on display on the side of one of the book shelves. The title immediately grabbed me because I am often quite messy, occasionally consider myself magnificent, and on that particular afternoon welcomed a field guide to this whole life experience.

Geneen Roth definitely did not disappoint me. As I glanced through the first few paragraphs that openly discussed how weight and self perception can run our lives I was hooked. Once I got home and started reading it was difficult to put down. I re-read several paragraphs, simple because Roth’s writing is so eloquent yet incredibly genuine.

“Until we can sit in our own skin and fully occupy the physical space we’ve been given, we will be apologetic about our bodies.”

Having struggled with eating disorders and low self esteem for the better portion of my own life, I truly appreciate the honesty and openness of Roth’s writing. Beyond the struggles that so many of us share with food and weight loss, Roth addresses larger personal issues within ourselves. Our feelings of self worth, the stories we repeatedly tell ourselves about our past and how to overcome these obstacles one step at a time. From being kind to our own “ghost children” to learning to ignore “the crazy aunt in the attic”, there is never a feeling that Roth is criticizing or persuading the reader into becoming perfect. Rather, there is a kind and comforting message that wraps the reader in an embrace of being okay with not being okay. That’s where the true healing begins.

“…it is going to be okay. Maybe not the way we wanted or hoped it would be, but still okay. A good parent returns a child to the place where she can trust that although she might be bitter or hateful for a moment, it’s not the end of the world.”

This book truly made me laugh out loud, cry at times and filled my heart with a greater understanding of my past experiences. Though it is written by a woman, therefore obviously from a woman’s point of view, I know many men who could also benefit from reading this work. We all share inner turmoil and struggles in our lives and the open and honest sharing of life experience make this a relateable and easy book to read.

I am really glad that this little blue book found me and that it was my first book for this new year. It was a brilliant way to clear out some of the old thought patterns and make way for the new.

“You do not have to prostrate yourself at the feet of shame for one more minute or keep begging for forgiveness for being yourself.”

If you need a little boost in the self love department, (and really who doesn’t?), go find this book and learn to embrace the messy and magnificent being you really are.

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The next book on my list is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, if you’d like to read along.

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