The Loyal Customer Program

At first the It Works Loyal Customer Program might seem a bit confusing, but once I break it down it will make perfect sense!

Becoming a loyal customer with It Works is one of the best ways to get the most for your money, and your health! First you will choose a product based on what will work the best for your personal health, beauty or fitness goals. Once you’ve decided on product, it is recommended that you use the same product 3 months in a row to see the best possible results. 90 days can make a huge difference!

So you do have 3 options when ordering products through my website:

Option #1= Purchase items at the regular retail price. You’ll notice on my website that each product shows a retail price as well as the loyal customer price. You can purchase any items at any time for the full retail price without any further obligations.

Option #2= Pay a $50 membership fee. This fee purchases your loyal customer membership in the same way as if you were to go to a wholesale store (like COSTCO or Sam’s Club) and pay for a membership to have access to great deals. With this option you can purchase products any time you like and always at the 40% discounted price- for life! You will also be eligible for all BOGO’s and special offers.

Option #3= Commit to a 3 month Autoship. Personally I find this to be the best option out of the 3. When you agree to automatically receive products for 3 months in a row, you immediately become a loyal customer and begin receiving your 40% discount with your very first order. You are also immediately eligible for all special offers. The $50 membership fee is also waived. After 3 months, you can cancel the autoship option or choose to continue it for added rewards. (See my article about Perks Points)* After your 3 months are completed, you can order any time at the 40% discounted price- again- for life!

Autoship Options: As I mentioned earlier, depending on your personal goals and the products you choose, you will see the most dramatic results if you consistently use the same product for 90 days. However, if you want to use your 3 months of autoship to try different products, you absolutely can. Once you become a customer you have complete control over your orders. You can change products, add to or remove a product from your autoshipment before the day it processes. For example: Month one you purchase a Sampler kit with lots of different goodies, month two you choose to order our daily nutritional supplement Greens, Month three you keep Greens on your autoship but also add BOGO wraps to get ready for summer.

So that is how our customer program works! Of course I am always here to answer questions and offer product suggestions and tips. Comment here on my blog or email me and I will get back with you as soon as possible!

Take a look at my full website to see our entire range of products.

*Don’t forget to read about Perks Points and the free product you can earn simply by ordering the products you need every month!


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