Younique Confident Beauty

Nine Days of Beauty Deals!

Online Black Friday sounds good to me!

I am not going to lie, I have never been a fan of Black Friday. I have never wanted something so bad that I would be willing to plow down a fellow human for it in a crowded store. Not my style. Of course I am a year round bargain shopper, so unless it’s on sale or clearance it’s probably not going home with me. I guess the deals I rake up throughout the year keep my Black Friday urges suppressed.

But being a woman who loves a great deal and staying away from the masses of Holiday shoppers I am pretty excited about what Younique announced to presenters this week. This is my first month with the company so I’ve never experienced their Black Friday extravaganza. I have to say that I am going to need some serious self control over the next week and a half!

Here is how it works. Beginning on November 22nd, a new product bundle will be released in the morning for shoppers to purchase online at up to 32% off regular prices. Each bundle will be in pretty packaging making these perfect gifts for the makeup lovers in your life (or for yourself because you deserve awesome gifts too). The bundles launch at 9 a.m. EST every day and will probably sell out quickly, so you don’t want to hesitate too long. Each bundle is available for 24 hours, while supplies last, with the next one hot on it’s trail the following morning.

Each bundle will have its own unique ready to gift packaging!

Within the bundles are a number of never-before-seen products or exclusive varieties of favorite items that will be available only during the 24-hour flash sale. Customers who purchase 7 out of 9 bundles will also get a special free gift! Also as a bonus during this time the free shipping guidelines are reduced. Normally you receive free shipping any time you purchase $100 or more, but from Nov 22nd- Nov 30th, you get free shipping on orders $50 or more! (US)

Worried about missing a deal? Join me in my VIP group Younique Confident Beauties where I will share the next days deal as soon as I find out what it is the night before! Then you can pre-order with me so that I can “wait in line” for all of my customers at once at 9 a.m. Keep in mind that items may still sell out before your order can get through, but in that case I will obviously refund your money ASAP.

Because I offer other deals and gifts in my VIP group it is set as a private group per Younique company rules. But hop on over there, request to join and I will let you in speedy quick!

Shipping deals for each available country

As always, please reach out with any questions! Hope to meet you in my VIP group!


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