Younique Confident Beauty

Younique 2019 Black Friday Bundle #3

Younique’s best selling foundation for 2019 plus the skin perfecting concealer are bundle #3 for this year’s Black Friday deals.

For day 3 of Younique’s 9 days of Black Friday deals you get great value on our best selling foundation plus concealer. Touch Mineral liquid foundation comes in 19 shades so you are sure to find one to match your skin tone. Seriously guys, samples of this came with my kit and I fell in love with it! It went on so smoothly and felt so lightweight, but still gave me the full coverage that I like to have from my foundation. I thought my regular foundation was decent until I tried the Touch Mineral. I am definitely jumping on this deal!

The Touch Mineral skin perfecting concealer is available in 13 shades, so again, you have a great range of choices to get just the right concealer tone. Also a full coverage but lightweight concealer. And of course, you get the complimentary gift box that comes with each black Friday bundle.

Collapsible boxes come with each bundle making these deals easy go-to gifts.

If you get your foundation and find that the shade isn’t just perfect, or you don’t super love it, within 14 days you can exchange it for equal value product credit, same-value exchange, or a full refund (less shipping & handling).

Normally when you buy these two items together they are $68 USD, but tomorrow starting at 9a.m. EST they are available for $48!

These bundles are only available for 24 hours or while supplies last, so be sure to jump on the website as soon as they launch to be sure to get one of the first spots in line.

I will continue to post a heads up notice every day for the nine days to keep you up to date and ready in case you see a bundle you love! And be sure to read my intro post (link below) about this promotion in case you have questions. Or reach out to me and I am happy to help!

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