Craft Show Success

Spring is now in full swing and we are speedily approaching the summer months. Prime season for farmers markets and a few craft shows as well. Both great places to start growing your handmade business, or to give your business a boost. Farmers markets are a great way to share your handmade items with your… Continue reading Craft Show Success

Living this Life

Working from home is Not the same as Staying at home

More and more people every year are turning toward pursuing their handmade talents, network marketing or direct sales companies with the hopes of becoming successful enough to stay at home with their families and pay the bills at the same time. No matter what form of entrepreneurship you take on, I find that there are… Continue reading Working from home is Not the same as Staying at home

For the Love of Books

My March Personal Growth Reading

'Millionaire Success Habits' by Dean Graziosi was the book I chose to read in March, in keeping with my personal goal of reading at least one self development book each month this year. If I become a millionaire in 2020, this book will be why! I was initially skeptical about purchasing this book, and I'm… Continue reading My March Personal Growth Reading