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We Delve into Korean Recipes

My daughter started Tae Kwon Do in January and is really loving it. I can tell that the physical activity is at an intensity that is great for her energetic little self, and her strength and flexibility has improved a lot in a short time period. The masters also reinforce respect and disciplined behaviors, not… Continue reading We Delve into Korean Recipes

For the Love of Books, Living this Life

Story Time & this Mom’s Growing Pains

I'm just a mom wishing that stories at bed time could last forever.

Living this Life

Why I am Heartbroken over School Budgets Cuts

As a mother the tears well up because I feel helpless in the decision of budget cuts, as an artist the tears well up from frustration and anger. It absolutely boggles my mind that education, teachers, and the growth of our nation's children, both physical and mental, are ever on the chopping block when it… Continue reading Why I am Heartbroken over School Budgets Cuts