Younique Confident Beauties

As a kid I was always the girl that was picked on. For being too fat, too smart, too clueless, bad skin, bad haircuts- you name it I was bullied about it.

In my twenties I did not love myself, and I ended up in one bad relationship after another which just increased my lack of self-worth. During one of the worst periods of my life, I got pregnant with my daughter. That. Changed. Everything. Suddenly I understood what real love means. It has taken a lifetime, but now at 42 I finally understand what it means to fully accept myself for who I am. To love myself for all of who I am. To embrace every flaw, own every talent, to feel pity for the bullies and to uplift the bullied.

I created a group on Facebook intended as a safe space for women to come together to learn some skin care and makeup tricks in order to enhance and reveal the beauty that is already in each of us. But more importantly a space to encourage each other, to lift each other up, and to praise the inner beauty that is in all of us! I have aligned myself with the Younique company of beauty products because I love their mission and have seen what it can do for women. In fact I joined before I even tried the products! So know that I will be sharing these products here, but I will not harass anyone for sales! To join the group click on this link:

So it begins…my starter kit.

FINAL NOTES AND RULES: This group is open and all are welcome, but it is intended for Queens who straighten each others crowns! So absolutely no forms of bullying, criticism or petty behavior is going to go far there. If for some reason this happens, your comments will be deleted and you will be blocked. There is enough negativity out there in the world! Let’s try to fill the world with positive energy and kindness instead!👸💜 (Please no spamming within the group either. These posts will gently be removed as well. 😉)

Mascara won’t change the world, but it sure can brighten your eyes.